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What are Alternative Energy Suppliers?

Until about 20 years ago, there was no choice. Your local utility company both purchased gas and electricity for you and transmitted it to you. However, that changed when the government introduced energy deregulation in many states across the country. As a result, alternative energy suppliers compete to purchase electricity and gas on your behalf.

Rather than being locked in to the rates offered by your utility, you now have choice. Deregulation provides you with the freedom to compare various alternative electric and gas suppliers and choose the one that best fits your needs. was designed to make this as easy as possible, by showing you how multiple alternative suppliers stack up against your local utility and let you decide.

Why should I switch Suppliers?

There are 2 main reasons to switch suppliers. The first reason is price. Due to the competition caused by regulation, the alternative suppliers as a general rule will offer a less expensive price for your electricity and gas supply than the utility. Thus, by switching to an alternative supplier with a lower rate than your utility, you will save money on your monthly energy bill. provides you with a comparison of the alternative gas and electric suppliers in your utility region so that you can find the least expensive plan.

The second reason people switch is because of a particular service that the alternate supplier offers. Many people want to purchase energy that helps the environment. Many alternative suppliers offer green energy plans. also shows you which suppliers offer environmentally friendly plans and the details of source of energy. You can even filter to view just the renewable energy plans and, in many cases, still pay less than your local utility!

Is it safe to switch?

100%. In fact, that’s why millions of people have done so already. In fact, in some regions, more people are purchasing their energy through alternative suppliers than from the utility.

There are three steps in getting energy to your home – generation, transmission and distribution. The reason it’s safe to switch is because the deregulation is only in the first step – the purchase of the energy generated on the market, not in the transmission or distribution. The transmission and distribution of electricity to your home or business via poles and wires and gas via pipelines is still maintained by your local utility company and your local utility company is still regulated and overseen by the government. You still contact your local utility in cases of power outages and emergencies. All that deregulation provides is the opportunity to control how the energy gets to your utility – does your utility buy it on your behalf or will alternative energy supplier buy it for you. But from the utility to your home or business, nothing changes.